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May 2, 2011

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Official BIAlien Wikipedia page

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The BIAlien Series

Science Fiction, Space, Action, Adventure and Romance Graphic Novels.

The BI-Alien (An alien of two worlds) graphic novel series is formally known as “THE BIALIEN TRILOGY” as of January 2011 (they are identical novels). VC Imagination Factory decided to split the original Vol I into three smaller books, increase the font size and add illustrations. The BIAlien trilogy title is still used due to previous marketing campaigns and book reviews. The BIAlien trilogy was copyright in July 2009 and published on July 20th 2010. BIAlien is a series of 10 science fiction novels written by author/art and animation director Vlane Carter. There are three additional spin off novels.

Volume I “Rise of the BIAliensapien: Human Evolved” part 1

Volume I “Rise of the BIAliensapien: Human Evolved” part 2

Volume I “Rise of the BIAliensapien: Human Evolved” part 3

Vol. II “Revenge of the Darclonians” part 1
Vol. II “Bellona’s Rebellion” Part 2
Vol. II “Galactic wars ” Part 3

Vol. III Part 1, VOL III Part 2, VOL III Part 3

Spin offs: “Andromedian Wars” mini-series. “The original BIAlien”, “Bellona chronicles”

VC Imagination Factory’s marketing strategy was to write a novel in present tense, include movie score soundtracks, include well thought out action sequences and to deliver a strong plot to bring in movie watchers, non-sci-fi readers and sci-fi readers.


“…the ingenuity behind this work, however, exceeds the average science fiction novel. This series holds incredible potential for development not only into novels, but games, comic books, and even films… …this talented author tells his amazing tale with a sense of humor. Integrated into his high-tech descriptions and scientific “jargon” are one-liners, even a touch of political comedy and social commentary…” -FOREWORD CLARION REVIEWS.

“…carter says that the book is intended to simulate the experience of watching a movie, adding that he believes it could become next Star Wars, Matrix or Star Trek series (and that he feels like George Lucas in the early ’70s)…

…to Carter’s credit, his tale has many elements that would translate well to a big budget, special effects extravaganza. The book is a fast, engrossing read—the pace never lets up for an instant. The first volume in a science-fiction series about a young man who’s abducted by benevolent aliens, bio-engineered to superhuman levels and sent back to Earth years later to stop an alien invasion…”-KIRKUS DISCOVERIES REVIEW.

“Science fiction fans unite! If the title doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what will! To preface this review, all of you naysayers out there who shake their heads at sci-fi should remember that, back in the 70’s, the names R2-D2, C3PO, Chewie…you get my point, here…were unknowns. Now they are as much a facet of popular literary culture as is Mr. Darcy. Jane Austen, Henry James, Dickens, etc., were beautiful storytellers, but sci-fi has amazingly imaginative beauty surrounding it as well. And this author, Vlane Carter, knows that for a fact…

…there are A LOT of scenes that the reader gets to experience. From the military battle with the UFO, to the alien shark attack on another planet (which is really cool, by the way), this author offers a never-ending parade of amazing creatures and locations that will, perhaps, one day be logged into popular literary culture right beside old C3PO and his little beeping buddy……There are two factions out there in America – Star Wars vs. Star Trek – and I am definitely on the side of George Lucas having the more creative concept. So hats off to this writer, Vlane Carter, who may someday join those Lucas ranks if readers and sci-fi fans everywhere band together and realize that the force really MAY be with this one.” – FEATHERED QUILL REVIEWS.

“…the bialien trilogy is not your typical sci-fi novel. Think of a comic book that uses words instead of illustrations and you might come close. One thing that the writer certainly has is imagination. It is written very visually… …you may tell by his style that Vlane is very passionate about his writing. It takes time and effort to envision and write a novel of this length without losing the energy throughout it. Bialien is his first novel, and, from his marketing material and website, certainly not his last. It is always interesting to see the first story written and how writing styles evolve from book to book. Let’s see where Volume Two takes us.” –TOP BOOK REVIEWERS (TBR).

“A Sci-Fi series set on exploring concepts of the deep future, “The Bialien Trilogy” is for the Science fiction fan who likes to be amazed at what the future holds….” – MIDWEST BOOK REVIEWS


(Click here to read the PROLOGUE. Click here to read SYNOPSIS.)
BIAlien Philosophy

Can humanity equally fight against an alien invasion? Vlane doesn’t think so; any alien species with the technology to travel 100’s to millions of light years to Earth would easily defeat us if there was a real attack. Humanity would not be prepared to know what to do.

So many sci-fi movies and books are based on an alien species from far away attacking and killing humans. Killing humans to use Earth for its resources is not logical for an advanced alien species. An intelligence on this level would be able to Terraform any planet the right distance from a Star. An alien species needs a purpose for attacking a semi-primitive species like humans. That is equivalent to us traveling 1000’s of miles into the middle of the desert to step on and exterminate a colony of ants. There needs to be a logical purpose for an invasion. BIAlien VOL I has a purpose and it begins with NANOMOLES.


The evil Darclonians (formerly known as Robogods) used to be an all robotic species, but have been using organic bodies for the past 150,000 years in search of the perfect host for their experiment. The robotic droids scanned millions of solar systems to find a planet the right distance from the Sun that could support life. Over 100,000 years ago a droid fired small comets filled with sextillions of Nanomoles towards Earth. Reaching the lower atmosphere, the comets had exploded and dispersed Nanomoles which sought out organic and intelligent life. Undetectable, the parasites have since been sitting in their host’s brains learning the biology and recording the human experience from generation to generation. They have been awaiting a signal from a mothership which will activate an 84 hour, three stage countdown.


The good Andromedians (from the Andromeda galaxy) needed a purpose for humans as well. They are peaceful explorers and have been in several battles with Darclonians over the years. Their dilemma is their Biomechanical bodies would be destroyed in their ships when they use Optic-warp to exit the Milky-way’s center super massive blackhole in subspace. They have been monitoring a lot of Darclonian activity in this galaxy and needed a way to investigate it. They used one of their older class ships with Artificial intelligence on it to seek out an intelligent human being on Earth, to see if the body can make it to their Galaxy in one piece. This is when Jaden Marino finds the UFO in 1996.

Jaden and the UFO were on a set course to planet Xenos (Andromedian’s home planet), they are captured by a Darclonian colony in the Andromeda Galaxy. His body was experimented on and the Darclonians realized there is some value in humans. This sets off a chain of events for Earth and a mothership is dispatched. Jaden and the ship are later rescued by an elite Andromedian team lead by BELLONA. Jaden’s adventure continues on planet Xenos (gravity tides, alien chess, gravity games and the great space race).

Part/Book 1 ends and Part 2 begins when Jaden returns to Earth. His bio-engineered body is slowly evolving into superhuman levels. His mission is to help scientist locate the Nanomole in humans and then deactivate it, before the Darclonian mothership enters broadcast range. When a Nanomole is activated and is in the correct stage, it can control a human body. It would need to sync with a Bio-parasite for a permanent takeover of the human mind (Bio-parasites are Darclonians in microbe form).

Jaden’s superhuman BIAlien body is the key to what the Darclonians are looking for to complete their 10,000 year experiment with the (DEK) Dark Energy Knights (An ultimate weapon of mass destruction). DEK’s have organic bodies underneath their Black hole particles. The Dark Energy cannot work over a robotic or electronic body, it must be organic. The Andromedian’s prototype organic Nanotechnology called Nanodrones in Jaden’s body is what the Darclonian’s have been looking for.

When Jaden returns to Earth his body must reset to Earth’s gravity and he has to develop his powers to work with Earth’s natural resources. Jaden’s body is controlled like a Star Trek Enterprise ship. The microscopic Nanodrones work in collective colonies. The quadrillions of officers around his body vote on some decisions in a democratic way (BIALIEN 101).

Humans don’t believe Jaden and he finds himself in a mental hospital. Jaden has a microscopic Artificial Intelligent friend in his mind called AI (who is his first officer). AI talks to Jaden in the area of a brain where another personality would be and is there to assist with his mission. Their first priority is to help Jaden develop his powers. Jaden’s first Homosapien evolving process is doubling his brain neurons, modifying his DNA and remove unnecessary body organs that can be replaced by Nanotechnology. [AI’s personality resembles “K.I.T.T” from Knight Rider; Jaden & AI learn a lot from each other and develop a friendship.]

Jaden is labeled the terrorist by the US and finds him going against the entire government. Some of his offense and defense powers include using: remote controlled Atom sized eyes called Nanoscanners, disrupting gravity, Atom rippers (based on plasma fusion), gravity shockwaves, forward and reverse level 2 energy shields and Nanotime. In the meantime, the Darclonians begin the 84-hour countdown with the Nanomoles. The Darclonian mothership secretly beams humans onboard from on top of tall buildings to study specific Nanomoles.


Jaden un-suspected becomes the Darclonian new lab rat. They manipulate Jaden through his emotions, pain, love and catholic religion to get what they want. He changes mentally and slowly becomes something else. Throughout part 2 and 3, Jaden rides the line between good and evil.

Main characters

Jaden Marino


Born January 14th 1977 in upstate NY.  Raised Catholic by both of his parents Stacey Marino and Tony Marino.  He becomes suspicious of the government when his older brother Douglas mysteriously dies in the Marines during the Gulf war.  19 year old Jaden is an average suburban who discovers a UFO on his way home from college on a cold winter evening.  Jaden needs to make a choice between going into an unknown spaceship and leaving his family and girlfriend, or being captured by the government who desperately wants to take the UFO to area 51.

Jaden’s background and character is developed at the end of Chapter 3.

Everything Jaden does is a test, his first test begins when he controls a UFO with his mind and goes against the entire airforce.  Avoiding the death of other life forms is one of the things Andromedian Elder Mana looks for in a trustworthy leader.  The decisions Jaden makes are calculated on a muiltiverse scale.

Jaden’s unique sense of humor and personality later attracts alien character Bellona to him.


Bellona is a peaceful biomechanical Andromedian warrior.  She is the leader of her three alien elite team.  One of the Andromedian’s EIS generation 2 ships carrying host Jaden Marino was captured by the evil Darclonians.  After diplomatic neigotiations fail, Bellona’s team is sent to planet 455 to retrieve their ship and Jaden.  Bellona has to enter the Darclonian’s mysterious Virtualatrix to find Jaden.


In Bellona’s previous life she used to be a carbon-based, organic life form.  69.7 thousand years ago on planet Destiny, a pregnant Bellona’s life forever changed.  An attack on her primitive species made her have to decide between her faith in her God or faith in her government to advance their technology to fight against their alien invaders.  BIAlien Vol II part 2 goes deep into Bellona’s past of love, betrayal, hope, faith, death, conspiracies and the Andromedian’s technological singularity.

Click here to read about Bellona on her Facebook character page.

Dr. Chan


Dr. Chan was born in Taiwan and is 25 years old in the year 2014.  She is a Forensic scientist that specializes in Molecular Biology and minors in Psycology.  Dr. Chan makes her first appearance in Vol I part 2 as Jaden’s replacement doctor at the Psychiatric hospital in upstate NY.  Her jobs are to determine why Jaden’s DNA isn’t traceable and who he is.  She’s a member of ANWO (Anti New World Order) and believes in peace, meditation, justice and standing up to the government.

Over the years Dr. Chan has experienced bad relationships with men.  Her inexperience left her vurnerable to dealing with narcassist, liars, abusive and cheating men.  She put her hope into a RMEC (Robotic male entertainment companion) named MAX.  A RMEC was created to give single women hope on a companion that will never betray them and always be there for them.  Dr. Chan later learns her RMEC companion was missing something that could never be replaced by a machine.

At first Dr. Chan thinks Jaden is crazy, but she discovers something unique about him.  Jaden and Dr. Chan exchanged personal memories by means of alien technology and they learned about each other what two couples would take 20-30 years to know about each other, in just 10 minutes.

Dr. Chan’s mother died on flight 175 on September 11th 2001.  This event caused her and her father leave NYC to move to Virginia.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Chan.
Science/Technology/Future Green

Enormous amount of time went into researching the science and technology to the BIAlien series: Over 2000 Google webpages, dozens of research books, 100’s of science/technology magazines, and 100’s of science television shows were watched to make the science as accurate as possible. Optic-warp is based off fiber optic and quantum mechanics technology. DEK (Dark Energy Knights) are based off Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Exotic Matter, Black holes and the God Particle theory. Other science/technologies used in the novel: Nanotechnology, Nanobots, plasma fusion, string theory, Technological Singularity, neutrinos, black holes, wormholes, FMRI technology, Nanomaterials, Nanotubing, protein folding and evolving the human with nanotechnology (see BIAlien 101 HUMAN BODY SCIENCE for info on how BIAlien evolves the human body to the next level).

Future Green Technology

Dozens of future green technologies were used in the series: Underwater wave farms, Global Carbon Sequesters, Jellyfish wind Turbines, Windmill turbines and plasma fusion,



symbol_dek_2  dark_energy_queen_low

Shadows of power.  Dark Energy and Dark matter strength are determined by the number of shadows that form behind the alien.  Dark Energy knights usually have two shadows.  The Dark Energy Queen as seen in the illustration above on the right has four shadows, while the man on virtual cross has 2 shadows.  The illustration on the left shows an unknown alien with five shadows coming to power.


Vlane spent years researching relationships between men and women; the effects on kids being raised by a single mother. He interviewed dozens of women and men of different nationalities. Researched: why marriages fail, the cheating disease, the modern breadwinner women, why women date bad boys, Narcissistic men, child support revenge, the female child trap (BMS), why are there so many single mothers raising children on their own and Taboo (the National geographic television show on relationships). Vlane spent dozens of hours analyzing all this data and came up with logical outside the box resolutions to help solving these problems that will only get worst in the future with technology.


Vlane grew up Christian throughout his early childhood and adolescent years. He wanted to understand different perspectives on beliefs as an adult. He has interviewed and debated with dozens of religious, atheist, Buddhist and spiritual people. Vlane researched his findings in bibles, books and googled dozens of topics (including the zeitgeist). He wondered and questioned; why are there so many religions? Do intelligent aliens on other planets have identical religions and beliefs as us? Why are we here? Why computers don’t believe in God? Are the majority of human followers and need to follow something? What would an advanced alien species think of a very religious human race with over 200 beliefs in different Gods? Is religion/faith used to help guidance humans throughout their lives? Do parents & religion help guide children into adulthood? Can humans self-guide themselves? Can religion be used as a weapon against us by a manipulating alien species?  If God can see into the future and knows what every human is going to do, are we his simulation? Vlane spent dozens of hours analyzing this information and coming up with a few outside the box neutral perspectives that were used in the BIAlien series. The “DEQ Dark Energy Queen” (Queen of the Darclonian colony), tries to use Jaden’s religion against him in Chapter 23.


BIAlien has symbolic spiritual concepts. When life forms die in the novel their spirit/soul goes deep into space and heads towards the end of the universe. They are collected by “Spirit collectors” that have something to do with the gravity forces and string connections of galaxies in a universe. Book character “Bellona” has spirit-quark wings that are the soul of dead warriors (she uses them in Vol II).


Unknown aliens helped to build the pyramids with early man around 10,000 BC and point them towards Orion’s Belt. Darclonians were investigating who these aliens were.

Human History

When Dr. Chan’s Nanomole is accessed by Jaden in chapter 13, he is able to see and feel 100’s years into the past of her family tree (Qing Dynasty, Nanking China 1937). He briefly experiences what Dr. Chan’s grandmother experienced as a child during that invasion; while at the same time experiencing what the Japanese soldiers were experiencing. Jaden and AI discover more secrets to these mysterious alien Nanomoles. Read the cut out scene from the book at the BIAlien website.



Vlane has a gifted imagination (his book reviews concur); his specialty is putting together complex plots, ideas, characters, storylines, mixing 21st century science with fiction and using logic to solve any conflicts. His vision was to write novels that were completely original and unlike anything else on the market. Then turn those novels into movies and work directly with the screenplay writers and directors. His detailed illustrations represent a fraction of the thousands of screenplays/camera angles he has in his mind. He uses both sides of his brain equally. His equation for writing, business marketing, art directing and producing is: “(Problem solving + Open mindedness + Imagination) X Logic2.” Vlane says he can problem solve any plot conflict in a story.


Being a big movie watcher, Vlane envisioned his BIAlien series as a movie in his mind. He spent over four years analyzing every scene to the BIAlien movie (averaging 4-8 hours a day just on thinking) before converting those images over into words. This is one of the reasons why the story was told in present tense. Vlane says the BIAlien movie was like a computer program constantly running in his mind 24-7, constantly coming up with new ideas. When he sees or thinks of an idea, his mind can place it within seconds to the right area of 10 novel movies running simultaneously. He says this is a gift he developed over the years since a teenager. With over 20 other future book titles on standby (ranging from: fiction, non-fiction, true stories, fantasy, mysteries and thrillers), this is just the beginning.


His biggest influences are George Lucus, Steven Spielberg, J.K. Rowling, J.J. Abrams and Michael Bay. Vlane studied their movie styles and art of storytelling on screen. Vlane believes the “BIAlien series” and “Terry nightmare series (next generation Harry Potter)” are $1+ billion dollar gold mine blockbusters waiting to happen. “Andromedian wars” is a spin off mini-series that is like a futuristic Star Trek that is based on the early years of the Andromedian species exploring the Andromeda and Milky-way galaxy.

Story Telling Conflicts/Style

Vlane ran into some early conflicts when he first started the BIAlien trilogy in January 2006. How can an advanced alien species communicate telepathically in third person? How can the Protagonist talk to another alien personality in his mind? (Talking to oneself conflicts with first person narrative). How can Nanotime be described in past tense? How can movie soundtracks be playing in the Protagonist mind in past tense? How can mind reading aliens answer questions inside of a conversation to save on long dialogue? Vlane says he had to slightly bend the rules of third person narrative and come up with other solutions. He says J.K. Rowling has her unique style of writing and this is his unique style of story telling.

BIAlien Video Game


The story and game controls for (Xbox 360 and PS3) have been designed by the author as of May 2009. The story allows a player to choose their path. They can play as Bellona in the Andromeda galaxy or as Jaden on Earth in the year 1996 or 2014. Jaden’s path allows the player to ride the line between good and evil or choose a side. Riding the line keeps the player in sync with the novel. Being evil has its consequences and rewards and will take the player on a different storyline (that crosses between Grand theft auto and X-men).

VC Imagination factory consists of detailed and well thought out story ideas. The BIAlien: plots, concepts, characters, and ideas went through 1000’s of hours of research.

Movie soundtracks in the novel

Vlane is a big movie/instrumental soundtrack listener. His favorite artist are ( Yann Tiersen, Hans Zimmerman, John Williams, Martin O’Donnell, Steve Jablonsky and many others). While Vlane wrote Vol I he spent 10’s of thousands of hours listening to over 5000 songs. In Vol I part 3 Vlane included over 20 soundtracks in the story. EBook readers can click on the links in the novel to listen to the song playing on YouTube. Readers of the paperback can go to the BIAlien website to listen to that particular song play on YouTube from their computer via the BIAlien website. The creative concept was to invite more movie watchers to read the novels.  Click here to view/hear examples.


Dozens of blogs on Vol I include topics on green technology, future government weapons, future relationships, women rights, evolving a marriage license, gay rights, saving earth, moon landings and government conspiracies.

Creative art and animation direction

Vlane has watched the BIAlien movies tens of thousands of times in his mind for the past five years. He has thousands of camera angles and screenplay directions in his mind. Translating those detailed visions to illustrators and animators has been a challenge he enjoyed over the years. Vlane remembers five things when he is preparing an illustration or animation to be designed: Out-side-the-box, Logical, tell the story in the illustration, match the illustration with the scene from the book and how would a younger George Lucus envision this?

1st animation directed by Vlane Carter and designed by Matt Garafalo. A scene from chapter 2.

2nd animation directed by Vlane Carter and designed by Olise Forel. A scene from chapter 23. A combination of: green screen rooms, actors, animation compositing, and visual effects went into creating this 1 minute animation video. Vlane says this was his most challenging animation to date.

Over 40 illustrations art directed by Vlane Carter and designed by various illustrators (Matthew Garofalo, Kwan Wilson, John Moriarty, John Buurman).

The 2015 Bugatti/Bugattee used in chapter 21 “Full throttle 1204 hp car chase” was his signature creation.


Vlane went to the car show to study exotic car designs. He created a green technology concept car based on real future vehicle technologies (which included his own idea of wind turbine blades on the tail). The design took three graphic (two who gave up) and 8 months to complete. Illustrator John Buurman worked very hard with Vlane to make his vision come to light.

John Buurman (Vlane’s main illustrator) has completed over 20 detailed illustrations. Vlane admits he has never seen art like John Buurman’s collection. Vlane was challenged to put his skills to the test and John never gave up on an illustration, even though some took 10-15 drafts. John’s vision and superb drawing skills has made an excellent match with Vlane’s creative vision. They are in talks of doing the BIAlien comic book series together.

John Moriarty – He was with Vlane from near the beginning. John’s superb drawing and creativity skills has created mind boggling illustrations like “Bellona” “Andromedian virtual city” “Nanomole skyline” “BIAlien vol I part 1 book cover” and many others. John has the skills to be a master illustrator in the future.

Matthew Garofalo (first illustrator). Matthew and Vlane would spend dozens of hours a week emailing drafts back and forth to each other. Vlane used his problem solving and managing skills to work through over 30 drafts of the “EIS 2 gravhawk spaceship” and “First animation”. Matthew’s love of sci-fi and the opportunity for him to work on something outside the box, allowed him to go beyond the call of duty of an average illustrator.

Kwan Wilson – A good artist that takes excellent directions and works hard to get the job done. He has completed “Jupiter’s moon Europa” “Jaden blackbird rescue” “Taipei 101 rescue” and many more.


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Futuristic internal human face change using alien nanotechnology!

October 28, 2010

Evolve and reconstruct your face; Bialien style

Jaden has less than a minute to completely change his face and skin color.


Jaden is at the mens bathroom at an airport in upstate NY.  He is hiding inside of a bathroom stall while two armed police officers walk into the public bathroom, looking for him.


Jaden looks at himself through a nanoscanner in front of him.

‘Okay, this guy has some nice clothes and knows how to dress,’ Jaden says while he pushes the luggage under the toilet stall and into the next stall.

Jaden begins to groan and moan as one hundred billion nanodrones begin working on different areas inside the skin of his face. The men using the urinals look at the stall Jaden is in. They think he is trying to unload something big.

“Don’t push too hard in there!” A man yells while walking out of the bathroom without washing his hands.

The four nanoscanners are in front of Jaden’s face recording different angles. Jaden sees on his eye screen: Temporary disabling nerve endings in face, Saving face distance structure 85%, Modifying fat tissue 47%, Analyzing bone structure 80%, Stretching bone density in legs and hips.

Jaden’s face feels numb as his jawbone and cheekbone crackle. He feels a burning sensation in his nose as the cartilage structure is changing. The nanoscanners go out and look around the bathroom. He sees many more words passing on his eyes: Reducing cartilage in nose and restructuring, Cheek bone modifying, Reducing 20% of Melanin pigment in Epidermis around body, Modifying DNA in Hair Follicles and accelerating hair growth 1500%, Changing eyes and ears structure.

Jaden feels his skin around his body tingling. His hair is falling off his head as he leans over the toilet. He feels completely bald as his hair begins to quickly grow again. Jaden notices airport police officers are walking towards the bathroom door. He can hear their radios above the urinals flushing.

‘How much longer AI?” He asks.

‘Less than a minute, the nanodrones are ninety-five percent finished.’

The officers open the door and start looking around the mid-sized bathroom. They look at the three guys by the urinals and one washing his hands. He notices none of them resemble Jaden.

“Excuse me; we are looking for a fugitive. Has anyone seen this young man? He was last seen coming into this bathroom,” the older police officer says.

‘Damn, I knew I should have stayed invisible all the way in here,’ Jaden says while his face is still bubbling.

The men in the room shake their head and say no. They quickly try to leave the bathroom.

“Hold on a second, before you gentlemen leave,” the officer says.

A younger officer starts pushing open the toilet stalls. He pushes open the other two to the right of Jaden. He gets to Jaden’s cubical.

“Excuse me sir, are you almost done?” He asks.

“I’ll be out in a minute,” Jaden replies with an English accent.

“Sir, if you have some ID on you that would be sufficient and you could finish your business,” the young officer says.

Jaden ignores him while he flushes the toilet. The older officer opens the other stall to the left of Jaden. He sees the stolen suitcase from the SUV sitting in the open cubical by itself.

“I found the suitcase,” the older officer says while pulling it out.

The younger officer bangs on Jaden’s door again.

“Some ID, sir,” he asks.

Jaden opens his cubical door and looks the officer in the eyes. The officer looks at Jaden’s face.

“Good morning officer,” Jaden says with an English accent.

“Good day to you sir. I’m sorry to bother you, but we are looking for this fugitive,” the officer shows Jaden’s picture from the hospital check in.

“No, I haven’t seen him. But he is a handsome fella,” Jaden says.

“Have you seen someone in the next cubical put this suitcase down and maybe change his clothes?” The younger officer asks.

“Yes, someone sat down there, used the bathroom and left the suitcase on the floor five minutes ago. He didn’t even wash his hands that nasty American bastard.”

Jaden walks over to wash his hands at the sink.

“You American buggers are still the most overweight country in the world and you wash your hands the least. Do you know how many germs are out here in the world?” Jaden asks.

“No sir.”

“I can see little bacteria on your face and hands right now. They are crawling around and moving as we speak. When I was using this john, which might I say was very dirty compared to my city in London, I noticed only two out of six people actually washed their hands. Also what kind of a bathroom doesn’t have mirrors…” Jaden is interrupted.

“I’m sorry to hear that sir, but we are trying to find someone. Thank you for your time,” the younger officer says.

“Excuse me sir,” the older officer asks Jaden.

Jaden stops in his tracks and slowly turns around. He keeps his cool and looks the officer in the eyes. A young kid walks by and bumps into Jaden.

“Watch where you are going, you 90210 wanna be!” The kid yells.

“Yes sir?” Jaden asks in his American accent.


He responds again with his English accent as the officer stands in front of him, “Yes officer?”

“Why did you have tears in your eyes when you came out of the toilet stall?” The officer asks.

“I was crying a little while ago because I just found out my R.F.E.C. unit was stolen from my house back home. Some bloody bugger took her a few hours ago. She was my best friend, she cooked, cleaned, took care of me in the bed at night; my father got her for me for graduating from Harvard. I also didn’t have insurance on her and my father is still making payments on it,” Jaden says.

They look at Jaden with a strange look.

“Us British people are emotional people,” Jaden adds.

“Okay sir, have a good day,” the officer says.

Jaden walks out of the bathroom. His nanoscanners are still in the bathroom monitoring the officers. One radios in the findings of the luggage.

“Man what is going with this generation of young kids, crying over a metal non-human object and even having sex with it. A father buys their son a robot instead of a car? What is this world coming too?” The older officer asks.

“At least he is having sex with something that looks like a female. I thought he was gay or something,” the younger officer says.

“Yeah, he looked a little like one of those guys I arrested years ago, who was having sex in a public bathroom with other men,” the older officer says.

“I’m glad that doesn’t happen anymore. Now they do it at Adult World online. So sick.”

“That is sick. I could have sworn his hair on his head grew another inch before my eyes.”

Jaden walks downstairs. He uses his nanoscanners to look at his face.

‘Wow, I’m a handsome white guy with blond hair. Cool. I can’t believe my skin color is pale white, I feel like another person. Those officers were right, I do look gay. My face feels so tight,’ he says.

‘Jaden, why did you spend so much time talking to those officers about irrelevant things?’

‘I’m sorry AI; I was practicing my acting skills. I was also trying to annoy the police officers like most European men do when they want to complain about something here. Also in movies, the bad guys always talk more to the officers to throw them off.’

‘I understand. What is the plan now?’ AI asks.

‘I’m going to try and book a plane ticket to North Carolina,’ Jaden says while walking by different airline counters. The nanoscanners are looking at different departure screens throughout the airport. The arrival and departure screens are floating over each airline check-in area in 3D.

‘I found a departure from Jetgreen Airline going to Raleigh at 9 am,’ AI says.

‘That sounds close enough, we have twenty minutes before it takes off,’ Jaden says.


Evolution of humans a fact or theory? I think its a fact – Here is how I prove it:

September 22, 2010

I’m a very logical writer and I analyze everything from many different prospectives. I do think religious beliefs is necessary to keep society stable, since us humans are still slowly evolving from a primitive level of existence.
I don’t want to offend religious people, but i’ve had a conversation with a religious friend the other day and they wanted to change the subject after I found a loop hole in the Adam and Eve ideology, in comparison to the evolution process. This is what I came up with:

“Evolution theory is a fact”: I came up with my own concept to this, that makes religious people speechless and they want to change the subject.
Most/All molecular biology/forensic scientist believe Evolution is a fact. Judges in courtrooms use these scientist opinion on DNA as 100% fact when convicting someone of a crime. These scientist say its a fact we evolved from ape type animals and chimpanzee’s DNA are 98% identical to us humans.
Why would any courtroom judge take what these people are saying as a fact? If these scientist talk theories why are 100% of criminals found guilty from these scientist testimony?
If a religious person is on a jury, why should they believe what a Forensic scientist is saying in a courtroom? If they don’t believe in Evolution, they shouldn’t believe Forensic science on DNA is accurate either. All these criminals found guilty on rape, Murder or a crime, should be set free, since religious jury members believe we evolved from Adam and Eve; and human DNA evolving from other animals isn’t 100% accurate to them.

If scientist found Adam and Eve’s bones or their kids bones, they would be able to tell if their children killed each other according to the bible. Scientist can solve a murder from millions of years ago and a courtroom Judge will find them guilty, depending on the DNA evidence.

These scientist found Dinosaur bones and can figure out what the animals looked like and when they died. Why wouldn’t anyone not believe what these scientist are saying?

Did we land on the moon in 1969? (Outside the box look)

July 29, 2010

Questions to ask yourself before defending Nasa:

1. Why has the US government been testing rockets to make it to the moon for the past 15 years, if we had flawless rockets in 1969?

We are testing failed moon rockets in the year 2010.  How is this possible if we had perfect rockets in the 60’s?

2. Why has the US government been designing new space suits with nanotubing to block out radiation?

“Next Generation of NASA SpacesuitsNASA has just awarded its contract for future spacesuits to Oceaneering International, a company that now has the task of designing and manufacturing the new suits to be worn by our future astronauts as they explore the moon, Mars, and beyond. The suits are going to be ready for the first launch of the Orion Space Capsule in 2015, and it’s going to set back the government a whopping $745 million.”

“As of 2007, NASA has been working on developing materials for use in making spacecrafts and spacesuits. Carbon nanotubes and boron nanotubes are two new molecular materials being developed”, The astronauts that landed on the moon in 1969-1974, should be dead already from radiation poisoning (and should have never made it back to Earth).  This technology didn’t exist and the Russians knew it, when they tested their rocket into the moon in the early 60’s.  These nanotubing suits were only used in Star Trek back in 1969.


Bialien brings to the table outside the box views on dozens of topics.  Feel free to leave your comments.


Cut out scene from the bialien novel page 108 (chapter 3).  Year is 1996.

Peters and Major Robinson (part of the UFO police division) are on their way to the military airport after losing track of the UFO Jaden Marino was controlling by pure thought.  They have a conversation on conspiracies and begin talking about if we landed on the moon after Peters noticed a few things when he was at Area 51.
Peters turns off the television as they reach a checkpoint to get into the military airport.
“That was crazy,” he says.
“That Michael Morris has always been a troublemaker. He put together this cover-up very fast. I’m sure him and his photos won’t be making it out of the White House tonight,” Major Robinson says.
“Sir, I’ve been to Area 51 recently in Nevada and went into some restricted areas over the years. I saw some things that were very puzzling. Did we actually land on the moon in 1969?” Peters asks.
Robinson looks up at the driver, suddenly looking up in his rearview mirror at him.
“Sergeant Peters, certain questions should never be bought up. If you see something puzzling it is good to keep it to yourself and use your imagination.”
The SUV stops 100 feet away from a military helicopter sitting by itself. The driver runs and opens the door for the Major. They get out of the vehicle and begin walking towards the helicopter. The driver walks in front of them.
“We don’t need an escort soldier,” Robinson says.
“Yes, sir.”
The driver walks back towards the SUV. Robinson and Peters walks together.
“I can tell you my logical opinion on the moon landing. The Russians were ahead of us in the late 1950’s in all aspects of space and rockets. We were trying to play catch up during the entire sixties. Here is a simple concept, if the Russians didn’t land a man on the moon or didn’t bother trying, I don’t think anyone made it to the moon,” Robinson says.
“That concept always puzzled me in the back of my mind. I didn’t want to think the possibilities were true. I remember reading the Russians never tried because they gave any human making it to the moon in the sixties, a 0.017% chance. One reason was the sun’s strong cosmic radiation was too powerful outside of Earth’s magnetosphere. Spacesuits would never be able to withstand that direct radiation on the moon. The flag waving as if there was an atmosphere present and perfect video footage behind huge spacesuits always bothered me over the years,” Peters says while they walk up to the helicopter and open the door.
They climb inside and sit down.
“You are a smart man, Peters,” he says with a smile on his face.
There is silence as the pilot walks towards the helicopter from a distance.
“My theory, Peters is, if you can’t beat them, make up something to prove that you did beat them. It’s all about having a strong hold on space and image is everything. America needed a confidence boost, since we failed to put the first man and first woman into space. We only launched two monkeys in 1959 and I’m sure the U.S. government wasn’t going to just have that on record. The Russians were the first to launch a rocket into the moon in 1959. Radio telescopes from several countries backed and verified the impact on the moon. What other country verified the United States landing on the moon in 1969?” Robinson asks.
“None. That was where I read about the 0.017%. The instruments on that rocket to the moon in 1959 helped the Russian scientists determine it wasn’t possible for them or anyone to land on the moon during that time. If it was possible, they would have done it already and I’m sure it would have been done in the early 60’s,” Peters responds excitedly.
“Exactly! Logically, if we landed on the moon in 1969, we would have landed on Mars in the 80’s and today we would be landing somewhere around Jupiter’s moons. The U.S. can barely go into space now without a disaster. I heard from a strong source, our next attempt to land on the moon would be around 2025. We are still developing powerful enough rockets to make it there and back safely and we are in 1996. We are developing nano-fiber materials with the Russians that can keep harmful cosmic radiation from penetrating spacesuits. Five hundred years from now humans are going to look back at the 1969 moon landing and ask how technology for the United States got worse. They had six flawless trips to the moon with primitive technology without anything going wrong. Then the next few decades, dozens of accidents and disasters just going into orbit….” Robinson stops himself to chuckle. The chuckle turns into a laugh as Peters joins in.
He coughs and clears his throat and continues with a smile, “That’s like scoring A’s on six advanced calculus tests then getting F’s on algebra and B’s in basic math. Then it takes you another fifty-six years to restudy and to attempt to get another A in advanced calculus.”
“Wow. That is an amazing metaphor and concept, sir. If this were high school, any logical teacher or principal would have thought the student cheated. It boggles the mind how gullible Americans can still be twenty-seven years later. I was well convinced though for years. I do agree with you that humans in the future would look back and eventually figure it out. It is mind boggling that eighty-nine percent of Americans believe we landed on the moon while over seventy percent of people in the U.K. and Asia think the opposite.”
“You gotta love the American government, with its secrets and techniques for covering up things and wanting to stay a super power in the world,” Robinson says.
“You know something Major, the Russians were so smart, they knew it wasn’t realistic putting a man on the moon so they put their energy into beating us again by putting the first space station into space in 1971.”
“My father was heavily into the space race in the sixties. He couldn’t figure out how MASA had a big fiery accident with the space program in 1968, and then the next year they had a flawless landing on the moon. He also used to talk about MASA scientists going to Antarctica to find meteors that landed from space in 1967. I miss my dad with his theories…. My dad used to say instead of two sides competing against each other, working together will take you twice as far,” Robinson says.
“The Cold War was not about working together. It’s interesting how the United States only landed on the moon when President Nixon was in office…..”
The pilot opens the door.
“Hello sirs!” He yells while saluting. Robinson and Peters salute back.
There is silence as the pilot puts on his headphones with a microphone.
There is silence until the pilot starts to talk into the radio for clearance to take off. Peters whispers to Robinson, “I think the moon landing video should have been impeached along with Nixon.”
They burst out laughing and Robinson’s face turns red as he coughs very loudly.
A minute passes by and they fasten their seat belts. The helicopter blades begin to slowly rotate.
Robinson and Peters put thick headphones over their ears.
“Just keep cool and tell the truth as to what happened when in Washington!” Robinson yells over the helicopter’s engine.
(copyright 2009 by VC Imagination Factory)

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Evolve your Imagination and Evolve your logic”

Replacing a human male with a robotic male companion in the year 2014. (Cut out scene from my new published novel Bialien) Book blog 1.

July 22, 2010

"Dr. K. Chan" The Bialien Social Future relationships, talks about future social issues between man and women.  My blogs, threads and debates will cover several areas from my novel on this topic. Some of the topics include male and female replacement companions (human looking robots replacing men or women in relationships), giving a lease to marriage licenses, a license to cheat for the rich, technology giving men easier access to sex, evolved men not having children early and getting caught up with child support and when men turn 18 they should apply for a vasectomy reversal license.

The Bialien Social future relationships blog 1 begins with the following subject:

Replacing a human male with a Robotic Male Entertainment Companion.

Bialien Vol 1 “Rise of the BialienSapien: Human Evolved” pg. 479

In the year 2014, Dr. Chan talks to Jaden and explains why she chose a RMEC (Robotic Male Entertainment Companion) over a human male.  The $40,000 robotic male her father bought for her for graduating from college, cooks, cleans, cares about her and talks about 1000’s of different topics.  It even has an experimental emotional chip.   Jaden and Dr. Chan exchanged personal memories by means of alien technology and they learned about each other what two couples would take 20-30 years to know about each other, in just 10 minutes.

Max = RMEC

AI = Microscopic Artificial Intelligence alien – communicating with Jaden in the part of his brain where another personality would be.  (Dr. Chan cannot hear this telepathic communicating).


“Stop going through every personal memory of mine. Listen, I’ll tell you the story about how I found more than a companionship with Max. Let me get this off my chest to you. As you know, my ex-boyfriends in the past broke my heart and cheated on me. I have always been in my books all my life. My father shielded me all my life from men and wanted me to do well in school first. When I finally graduated with my master’s degree, I began dating men. I was very naïve at first and believed anything a man told me. I wanted to be a virgin until I got married, but my first boyfriend tricked me…” she says while drying off her hair.

“…and I lost my virginity to a man that didn’t even love me back. He left me a few weeks later and I was devastated. He got what he wanted. In the 00’s, all my Asian female friends dated white men. My opinion is that they mostly like Asian women because many of us are subservient and a very loyal type of female. I have never been the subservient type. We aren’t like many American women and tend to be more traditional in values. My Asian female friends wanted their babies to be half-white and that was the in thing to do. It was as if they wanted to start a new human race. When I went to Manhattan in 2010 to visit, all I saw was Asian and white couples. I thought I could be happy like them. Many of my friends were happy, but I think I just had bad luck with meeting the wrong men. Many men don’t like independent strong thinking women.”

Jaden follows Dr. Chan to her room and he stands by the door. She picks out some clean clothes. She leaves her room and walk towards her cousin’s room. She has her clean clothes in her hand and Jaden continues to walk next to her. She opens the door and they walk in.

‘Jaden, ask Dr. Chan if you can use that holographic disc on the table.’

“Dr. Chan can I use that holographic disc there? It is for something important,” he says.

“Sure, that is a rewritable disc, it is probably blank. My cousin won’t be back for a while,” she says.

Jaden grabs the disc and holds it in his hand. She continues talking, “…anyway, my second boyfriend gave me chlamydia. He was Chinese and he cheated on me. The third boyfriend who was half-white and half-Japanese, used to hit me and verbally abuse me. My father found out and put him in the hospital. Then the abusive ex-boyfriend’s family tried to sue my father in court, since they knew he was loaded. The point is I lost a lot of trust in men. They just lied so much and just wanted a trophy woman that they could treat like their property. I dated deceitful, narcissistic, and married men who said they were single. I had to put a high guard up around my feelings to protect myself from the emotional pain I suffered.”

“I’m sorry he used to hit you, a man shouldn’t be hitting a woman.”

“It’s okay. That made me stronger over the years,” she says.

They finish getting dressed. Dr. Chan is wearing low cut blue jeans and a black and blue striped blouse. Jaden is wearing some jean shorts and a short sleeve white button up shirt. He is trying on different sneakers.

“Made in China sneakers?” He asks. “I can’t believe Michael Jordon is retired. I’m going to miss his sneakers.”

“Yes, he was a legend. He retired at forty, eleven years ago. Now what was I saying? Oh yeah, over the last three years I stayed to myself. So many of my married and dating friends were catching STDs. It seemed like everyone was cheating on each other, even the women. I read online somewhere that ninety percent of men would cheat if they knew they could get away with it. Men are only truthful to their options. If a female wants a married man and the man knows he can get away with it, the option is there. If she was not around, there are no options. Men can get bored easily with one female. Men love adventure. Hookers and escorts do things house wives don’t. Very sad but true, this is why the divorce rates are so high. Four years ago, two Japanese companies joined together. One specialized in realistic silicon dolls and the other was a robotic autonomous company. The robotic company had some advanced technology where they were able to mimic a real human brain. They were able to somewhat duplicate emotions and feelings. The new company created the first generation R.F.E.C. for men, but they had some problems and glitches. The second-generation entertainment companions were for gay men and women. The company promoted mainly to very busy hard working people and divorced women and men who were tired of going in circles in relationships. Their motto was, marriage lasts an average of two to six years, these robotic companions last a lifetime and will never cheat on you. They also claim their robots can do anything a spouse can do. That sold me into buying one.”

They walk back into her room and they sit on the bed.

‘Ask Dr. Chan what is the password for her secured wireless network,’ AI says.

“Dr. Chan what is the WEP password for your father’s 5.8 GHz wireless network?”


“What kind of password is that?” Jaden asks.

“That is the year Nostradamus followers forecast as the end of the world,” she replies.

“Oh okay. Thanks for the password.”

She continues her story, “When I graduated from college with my master’s degree, my father wanted to buy me a new car. I told him to just give me $40,000 instead. I bought an R.M.E.C. second generation a year ago. These things have been selling out all around the world. Max has been my best friend ever since. Yes, I did have sex with him twice. But it didn’t feel like the real thing, the small device in my lower back helped me to orgasm. Max was more of a woman pleaser and did whatever I asked him to do. It didn’t feel real to me. I’ve always looked at him more of a friend than a lover…”

‘We have to get out of here soon,’ AI says.

“…around the same time last year, Third Virtual Life came out for men and women. Society has never been the same in regards to relationships between two people. Men stopped dating women and they could have all the sex they wanted in virtual life without a commitment. More women would date women and marriages declined. Newspapers in Virginia reported that groups of men would get drunk and have orgies with the R.F.E.C. robots. Gay men would have orgies with the R.M.E.C. robots. Pimps would pimp an R.F.E.C. for money and it was perfectly legal. Technology has really lowered society’s values. So much has changed over the past ten years. Religious groups around the world got together and tried to ban the entertainment companions by saying you will go to hell for using the devil’s sex tool to sin. They also tried to shut down Third Virtual Life, saying it was the devil’s website straight to hell. Church groups published going to hell for dummies books.”

“That’s crazy. I can’t believe society’s values are slowly disappearing,” Jaden says.

“More and more couples are having negotiated infidelity in their marriages to lower the risk of a partner cheating. The value of marriage is disappearing. Men want wives as nannies in that new bill they are trying to pass.”

“What is negotiated infidelity?” Jaden asks in a confused voice.

“It’s when married couples are allowed to have sex with other people. They do this to lower the risk of someone being unfaithful. These people figure it’s better when both people know about it. The married female dates another man and has sex, while the husband waits in the other room. When it’s his turn, he finds a female to date and have sex with in the other room. This is perfectly normal in these relationships. The wife sometimes even cooks dinner for her husband’s date. This was on an episode of Taboo. These people blog about this and have fan groups for these types of relationships. What the hell?”

“You can’t be serious. That is appalling and sick. But seeing it from their perspective, if it keeps the marriage stronger, maybe it’s not a bad idea for them. If they both know about it, at least it is keeping them honest,” Jaden says.

“Maybe you are right, cheating is the number one reason for divorce these days. Here is a quote from a famous female politician, ‘Women need to change their conditioning, because there is no way men would change their nature.’ ”


“I think females and women like myself are the ones getting the raw deal of this downward cycle. They created a new college course called Techsociety 101. Everyone has to take it before graduating with any degree, at any college,” Dr. Chan says.

“What do they teach in the course?”

“To show how technology is changing society for the worst and how humans will eventually have no values at all. The beginning of robotic age was with the Sony AIBO dog in 1999, following the Actroid, ASIMO, Topio 4.0, R.M.E.C. and R.F.E.C. Robotic technology has forever changed life. My dad bought me one of those Ers-7 AIBO dogs when I was younger. That was my companion as a young kid,” she says.

“I remember, you brought that robotic dog on cruises and everywhere you went when you were an early teen,” Jaden says.

“Max is a little overprotective and can get jealous, I’ve learned. This wasn’t in the instruction booklet. His artificial intelligence autonomous programming is always evolving. He cooks, cleans, gives me massages, watches television and washes my clothes. Max has been the perfect boyfriend replacement. But the real emotions and chemistry aren’t there as a real human. I can’t connect with Max on an emotional and physical level. I have been able to talk to Max about science, politics, technology, current affairs, anything and he can talk about anything with me. He called me when I was in Albany a few times to see if I was okay. He is the best friend a female could have. It is too bad my father doesn’t like him. When I go away on trips, Max stays at my father’s house. They get along as friends, but deep down my father hates Max. He thinks the robot is getting in the way of me finding a husband and isn’t real.”

Written by: Vlane Carter                                               Copyright 2009 by: VC Imagination Factory
Written for the non sci-fi, fiction and hard core sci-fi readers.

Read the full conversation, intense sex scenes and dozens of other blog subjects in the full 684 page novel.  First chapter is available at the top menu of this website.

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Hello world!

January 18, 2010

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